Welcome to Almalex

Almalex is an independent international law firm based in Astana, Kazakhstan.
The firm is composed of experienced partners and their teams who combine their expertise and strengths to provide premier quality and personalized service at competitive rates.
The Company was established with the sole purpose. To help develop the trade between private entities who have one mutual. The Republic of Kazakhstan.
The Republic of Kazakhstan, where favorable business climate and political stability promote a considerable foreign investment inflow to Country. Since 2005 Kazakhstan has attracted gross FDI of over USD 196 bln.

Our aim is to provide the perfect support for European/US business entities on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and to give to our clients the home feeling in a far away Country.
We reduce the social and cultural diversity and we bring the local law system on the acceptable way.
Almalex is proud to consider ourselves not only advisors but also strategic business partners to our clients, providing guidance on their most sensitive and important issues in Kazakhstan.