Our team

The senior partner of our Company, Mr. Kohoutek worked for many top national and multinational companies from the USA, France, Czech Republic and especially from Kazakhstan during the last 20 years In December 2012, he and several local partners established a law firm ALMALEX. The Company was established with the sole purpose. To help develop the trade between private entities who have one mutual. The Republic of Kazakhstan.

International trade and commodities

The main aim of our team is: We accompany European Companies in their businesses in Kazakhstan and we create the home feeling for them in a foreign Country.

Attorneys and advisors

Our experiences and knowledge allow us to think strategically. We are not isolated to the current case as we will observe this issue from the global point of view. Our management skills, and the possibility to see circumstances also from the local point of view bring to our clients real advantages.


However any kind of lawsuit isn't our priority, we are realists and we know what is sometimes inevitable. In this case we can help our clients to succeed in their lawsuits.

Mergers and acquisitions

With acquisition we understand obtaining majority in another entity. We can help you find a suitable partner, we will guide you through this intricate in the most comfortable way. Reorganization of your business with our help will bring your business back to the right path.

Employment disputes and advice

We know that entities with foreign participation have many unexpected problems in this area. We are ready to solve those problems due to our long-time experience. We will recommend the best option and provide perfect law services.

Our mission

How we understand our mission: to provide the perfect support for European business entities on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and to give to our clients the home feeling in a far away Country. We reduce the social and cultural diversity and we bring the local law system on the acceptable way.


We can guide our clients through complicated recess of government's contracts in Kazakhstan. Perfect knowledge of local conditions and exellent communication skills are our valuable assets.

Financial law

We can prepare an optimal financial strategy for your business so you can take advatage of all the opportunities that the local environment provides. At the same time we know how to protect your interests if a situation arises. We call this situation an undesirable situation.

Real estates

In operations with real estate we will give you clues which are tested, time-saving and most importantly will bring you what you really need.

Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Our team can prepare and organize clues which are optimal in terms of your needs and in terms of respecting local laws and customs of state authority. We know that these factors aren't favorable all the time.

Corporate law

Do you want to establish a company? Do you own a company? We will help you with the preparation of statutory documents, registrations with the state authorities, we can help you avoid complications in this sphere which consiquences aren't always predictable.